Goan Cuisine

PlatesGoan cuisine is very rich in spices and ingredients. Cashews play a major role in Goan food and you can get a bit of these cashews in most of the Goan food. The food in Goa can be mouth watering but if you cannot take in much spice, then you may not be able to enjoy the food.

Eating out in Goa can be a special experience. Goa is lined up with numerous restaurants offering Goan food or any other food that you want. These Goan restaurants are usually situated by the beach and eating here with the setting sun for company can prove to be simply irresistible.

Non-vegetarian food

Food In true Portuguese-Goan tradition, many of the delicacies on the menu in Goan restaurants are various types of meat soaked in different spices for at least a day or two before being cooked with a generous dose of homemade spices. You could try the Galhina Piri-Piri, which are chicken pieces marinated in a mild mixture of piri-piri and Goan herbs, before being fried. As legend goes the Goa cuisine is responsible for introducing that quintessential Portuguese delicacy Chicken Cafreal (chicken marinated in a mildly spiced green coconut masala) to the people world over. Another mouth-watering specialty of Goa is Pork Vindaloo, Pork cooked in a spicy, masala gravy, or the inimitable local favourite, Xacuti.

Goan seafood

Launch in with a plateful of delicious stuffed crabs. Spicy crabmeat is stuffed into the shell of the crab, sealed with a layer of dough and then baked to perfection. Or you could try the prawns stuffed papads, which are like rolled, fried tacos with a spicy prawn filling. Once you’ve whetted your appetite, dive into a feast of dishes like Fish Caldine, a mildly spiced coconut and turmeric fish curry, Seafood Caldeirada, which is mixed seafood poached in a white wine sauce and served with sauteed vegetables. Then there’s the Peixe Reachado which is a seasonal fish stuffed with a spicy. Fish

Apart from local spices, local brews like Feni and Toddy also form an integral part of the cooking process. So, once you’re ready for another round, try the Balchao de Camaro, spicy prawns cooked in a tangy shrimp and feni sauce.

Goan vegetarian food

There are some special treats in store for vegetarians too. You will come across many restaurants in Goa, which serve a wide range of Hindu-Goan specialties. Try the Cashew Green Peas Bhaji, a tangy mixture of cashews, green peas, spices and fresh coconut, Sprouted Moong Ussal, bean sprouts with mustard seeds, green chillies and fresh coconut, or Alsandachem Tonakh, kidney beans with a spicy Xacuti gravy. You can round off your gastronomic experience with a variety of tantalizing desserts. The Tender Coconut Souffle or Bebinca, a traditional seven-layered coconut flan, will surprise and enchant your taste buds, but all else is eclipsed by the heavenly Gulab Jamon which will surely cause you to question your very raison d’etre..